New Construction Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

New Construction Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Helene Kepas-Brown
  • 01/30/23

Benefits of having experienced realtors on your side during a new construction home purchase

  • Helps you get the best value for your purchase
  • Offers a less stressful experience
  • Familiar with many of the builders in the community
  • Can negotiate concessions such as closing costs or interest rate buy-downs
  • Expert guides and advisors throughout the entire home-buying process


Why it's important to have a realtor when buying a new construction home

  • Gives you an advocate to represent your interests
  • Helps navigate the complexities of the building process
  • Helps you understand the builder's warranty and any additional costs
  • Allows for a smoother transaction

How to find a realtor who specializes in new construction homes

  • Look for realtors with experience in new construction home sales
  • Ask for referrals from friends and family who have recently purchased new construction homes
  • Research realtors online and read reviews from past clients
  • Schedule a consultation with a few realtors to see who would be the best fit for you.

  • Conclusion: Having an experienced realtor by your side during the new construction home buying process can help ensure you get the best value, a less stressful experience and expert guidance throughout the process.


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