Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

  • Maven Realty Utah
  • 05/5/23

Home design trends change and evolve year after year. Adding some contemporary touches to your home can reinvigorate your space. Many luxury homeowners are opting for customizable floor plans and homes that can showcase their own personalities and sense of style. After all, your home should be tailored to you and your sensibilities. Whether you’re hoping to create an alluring space to sell or uplevel your design for your own enjoyment, here are some of the latest luxury home design trends for 2023.

Customizable furniture and accents

Many luxury homeowners nowadays don’t want generic store furniture. Instead, they are opting for furniture that’s unique and fits their own personal style. Numerous furniture companies accommodate these new demands by allowing customers to customize their furniture. Some companies will have professional interior designers who can create intriguing pieces, and other companies have simple online design tools where you can create your own designs.

The customization options are endless. They include everything from colors and materials to multifunctionality, such as sofa beds or accent pieces with hidden storage spaces. For truly one-of-a-kind appeal, customers can incorporate insignias or intricate shapes into furniture, such as chairs and mirrors. Wood finishings and materials can be imported per the customer’s wishes. Many furniture companies even provide the opportunity to use sustainable materials, such as bamboo or recycled plastic, for the environmentally conscious.

Elegant color schemes

Certain color combinations can set a particular tone and appeal. Homeowners are going for elegant color palettes that can flow easily throughout the whole house and coordinate well with the furniture and decorations. It’s important to consider which rooms or areas can be seen from different parts of the house. The colors of each room should go together with nearby areas and coordinate well through the entire house as a whole.

Choosing a color scheme has a lot to do with homeowners’ tastes and personalities. Bold colors can make an impactful statement and exude confidence. On the other hand, muted and neutral hues can create a more relaxed and calming environment. Keep in mind that lighting, whether natural or indoor, can affect a color’s appearance, so it’s important to test out your paint colors and see how they might look at different times of the day and with artificial lighting.

Industrial styles and exposed details

This has become an ever-popular luxury home design trend in urban spaces that have been renovated into upscale lofts and condominiums. Old buildings in newly-revived downtowns often feature open floor plans, high ceilings, grid-like windows, and exposed bricks. The furnishings and decorations may be minimal to highlight the unique qualities of these sophisticated details.

Although warehouse architecture may not seem luxurious at first glance, interior designers work carefully with the space. The end result is usually very chic and cosmopolitan. These spaces are highly coveted by many professionals who want to live and work in the same city and have quick access to shops and restaurants.

Contemporary lighting and fixtures

Lighting is perhaps the most important fixture in your home, and light bulbs have come a long way. While lampshades and chandeliers have been around forever, contemporary styles are ever-evolving. Among timeless and elegant trends, multi-layered chandeliers hanging from high ceilings always make a dramatic impact.

Once mostly used in restaurants and lounges or over kitchen tables, pendant lighting is finding its way into more and more areas of luxury homes. Whether it’s a minimalist glass pendant or a row of elaborate pendant lights, homeowners are finding more and more creative ways to incorporate pendant lighting into their luxury home designs.

Last but not least, layered lighting uses multiple light sources in a single area. It’s a great way to create and control the mood of interior spaces. It has also become a necessity in rooms that might serve multiple functions, such as a library that is also used as a home office. Many modern bathrooms have multiple light sources that include bright vanity mirror lights.

Outdoor entertainment spaces

Luxury homeowners have outdoor spaces designed for entertaining visitors and hosting parties. This has become especially popular since the pandemic. Outdoor living areas are furnished with plush sofas and coffee tables. Outdoor dining rooms are sometimes replicas of the indoor set but with weather-proof furniture.

Additional trends are high-end roof decks with chaise lounges. They often look out to amazing views and sometimes even connect to the neighbors. Fire pits, a dry bar for serving cocktails, and hot tubs are popular additions to outdoor spaces.

Special activity rooms

Floor plans for luxury homes are being designed with specialty rooms in mind. The possibilities are endless, but here are some of the most popular trends:

Home office

Since the pandemic began, more people are either working from home or following a hybrid model. Designated home offices have become a necessity in many households. There, you can take conference meetings or work on deadlines without distractions. The dedicated space will allow you to focus. It can even increase productivity compared to working in an office with coworkers.

A theater or cinema

This has been a timeless addition to luxury homes. As home theater systems have become better and bigger, so has the demand for personal home theaters. In addition to watching HD-quality movies on the big screen, homeowners can host viewing parties for awards shows and big games.

Wine cellar

A must-have for wine connoisseurs, wine cellars provide the perfect storage for specialty bottles. They control the humidity and can be set to the perfect temperature for long-term aging. They are also a great way to showcase your wine collection.

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